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Our Method and Principles

Regardless if you are learning Shunryu® Karate, Taekwondo, or Jiu-Jitsu (or any other variation to come), there are some things we believe that are very important. It doesn't matter if we are talking about kids or adults classes, these aspects will precede formality and perfection of techniques:

1. Knowing how to fall and roll (ukemi waza) is much more likely to save your life than knowing the perfect stepping punch. The probability that you will trip on something or get "attacked" by a banana skin is also higher than being assaulted on the streets. And it gets higher as the time passes... That is why protective breakfalls and rolls are taught right from the beginning in our classes.

2. Situational Awareness (zanshin) is the begin and the end of any martial arts idea. Thus, it is more important than an amazing tornado kick started and finished from a lax mental state. And we value that more than succesful techniques in the dojo. 

In most situations, having to use self-defence techniques means that you have failed in your attitude, alertness, breathing, assertiveness or deescalation skills. So why put more emphasis on punching and kicking than on those? That's why this is actively practiced in any given class. 

3. Self-defence should be used, never abused. Proportionality and use of reasonable force are central aspects in Shunryu® courses. There are very few situations where brutal or even lethal force is justified. We do not live in war zones nor train for military action. As Shunryu® Martial Arts instructors, we take responsibility for offering a training that addresses real security issues of modern life in civilization and not to fulfill violent phantasies.

4. We take child protection seriously. Every year, thousands of children suffer abuse in several contexts, mostly where they should actually be safe. Also in martial arts schools. And the reason is mostly a lack of measures in place. Any school teaching Shunryu® to any child needs a certified child protection coordinator, child protection policies, and a code of conduct of conduct to abide to.


If you are thinking about joining Shunryu® Martial Arts, you need commit to follow the principles above.

Children's Courses

Children need protection and safety in all areas of life. Danger and hazard is everywhere. Whether we are talking about criminal actions or common hazards in a natural environment, parents can't be everywhere. Therefore, children need to be in contact with any program that teaches them the physical and psychological requirements at an early age. 

The Shunryu® Karate Kids Programm is one-of-a-kind in Winnipeg because it focuses on Self-Defence, Self-Discipline, Self-Confidence, and was developed from the main blocks of one of the most successful safety trainings for children in Europe: SecuKids®.

The founder of Shunryu® Karate Kids, Oliver Becker, wanted to develop a program that would offer children lessons for life and support their parents.  Traditional values of karate, such as respect, discipline, patience, fairness and tolerance build the framework of this program. 

Shunryu® Karate is much more than sport for kids. In this program, we don't overfocus on tournaments, formalities and styles. Shunryu® Karate helps children and parents to trust the power and ability of their children, so they can be safe in all areas of life and protect themselves from all kinds of danger.

Shunryu® Karate is fun, flexible, safe and effective!

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© Shunryu and SecuKids are registerred trademarks by Oliver Becker, Berlin.

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