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Safe, strong, and self-confident children

The SecuKids® concept is based on a child's perception. By implementing a protective mechanism, children learn to intuitively recognize dangers at an early stage in order to activate these mechanisms in threatening situations. For example, does he or she run away or get help. The SecuKids® Security Training is not all about learning difficult martial arts techniques. Believing that you are teaching children security only through martial arts training is a big mistake. 

SecuKids® are not related to martial arts and have their origins in the professional close protection (executive protection), not fighting. These workshops are designed to help children develop an age-appropriate situational awareness to avoid and handle possible dangerous situations. In short: to beome their own bodyguards.

Martial arts, no matter what kind, almost always require many years of training to perfect a technique. Often, meaningful and effective behavioral training for emergencies is missing. If a child has to defend themselves physically, often avoidable mistakes have already been made in advance. SecuKids® Security Training methods are taught in a child-friendly, playful manner and without any pressure. Children are actively involved in the course activities.  Based on role-plays and using tested case studies, the children learn in a clear and easy-to-understand manner how they can face problems of different kinds with confidence.


SecuKids® was founded in 1998 by Oliver Becker, Certified Close Protection Agent, president of the International Association of Personal Protection Agents, and one of the oldest and most respected professional violence prevention projects for children in Germany. 

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