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Fundraising seminar for Ukraine
Karate fights back!
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Bombs are falling, people are fleeing. Help is needed in every front. Karate is about fighting injustice. So we fight together with the brave people of Ukraine.

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A joint effort with the Ukrainian Karate Federation

What is this about?

On the 24th of February, Vladimir Putin's Russia started an unjustified attack against their neighbour Ukraine. Frustrated by the fierce resistance not only of the Ukrainian troops in general, but from the overall population, Putin moved to a "carpet bombing" strategy and has been sieging and bombing cities indiscriminately.


Residential Area in Kiev: Before and After

Thousands of civilians are hiding underground because they cannot flee cities due to the heavy shelling. Many chose to stay and not allow an overtake of their country by the Russian troops. 

Among them are several athletes, including Ukrainian karate Olympic medal winner Stanislav Horuna, the boxers Klitschko, Usyk and Lomachenko and many more.


Stanislav Horuna: Olympic Medal Winner

What will we do with the money?

We're already directly involved in donating clothes, food and medicines, as well as supporting refugees arriving in Berlin.

However, people trapped in cities are under attack. The best way to help them is sending them protection equipment (helmets, vests, flashlights, etc.) since Putin's army has been dropping bombs in civilian areas, including cluster bombs - so: no one is safe!

We came to the conclusion that the most effective way to help is us buying protection equipment from online stores in neighboring countries and letting them be shipped straight to people who cross the border and bring them into those cities. It's the fastest (close, no long travels) and cheapest (small shipping costs, no customs clearance fees) way to help. But still, that kind of equipment is expensive...


How much does it cost?

This is a donation-based event. Please donate whatever you can. Every dollar counts.

How do I donate?

For registration, you'll be asked to pay a fee that you can set up yourself. You can use PayPal or credit card. If you need an alternative way to donate, just reach out to us.

When will the seminar take place?

On the 26th and 27th of March 2022, starting in the morning and going on till the evening, so everybody has a chance to participate, regardless of their time zone. A detailed timetable will follow.

But help is needed urgently! Even if you can't make it on that day, please donate. If we need to, we will have as many classes in as many days as we need to. This is just our way to say thanks. Not the main reason.

What should I expect from the seminar?

Two days of online training with top teachers from all around the world. The provisional program can be seen below, but may change as other karate teachers jump in to help. Again, the seminar is not the goals, but the means of this campaign. 

The classes will take place in (at least 5) different languages as well.

Program (might suffer slight changes):

Saturday (March, 26) - Central European Time


9:00 am | Ilona Schumacher: Karate Fundamentals in Shorin-Ryu (in Russian)

Former European Champion in Jyoshinmon Shorin-Ryu, member of Team Berlin. Originally from Ukraine.



11:00 am | Ziad Saoud: Athletics for Kumite (in German)

3rd dan Shotokan, former Syrian national fighter, several times Berlin Champion.


3:00 pm | Filippo Gaspardo: Okinawan Goju-Ryu concepts for everyone | Junbi Undo, Chinkuchi, Gamaku, Ibuki-no Tanren (in English)

Shibucho Ikemiyagi Italy. Expert in Meibukan Ikemiyagi (under Masaaki Ikemiyagi), Ju-Jutsu and Self-Defense.


7:00 pm | Antonio Diaz: Techniques for Kata (in English and Spanish)

World champion twice, Guiness Book record holder for winning medals in eight world championships in a row. A living legend!


9:00 pm | Ricardo Galina: (in English and Spanish)

HDKI Technical Director in Mexico, World Champion WKA-HDKI, Bachelor of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. One of the most successful Shotokan athletes in North America.


11:00 pm | Ryan Porath: Hikite and using Uke both in Defence as well as in Attack (in English) 

6th dan ISKF, Manitoba Team Coach and Certified Instructor, has frequented podiums in national and international competitions for countless times. Ryan is a very respected Shotokan teacher and displays a deep knowledge of pressure points, bunkai and self-defence.


Sunday (March, 27) - Central European Daylight Saving Time


9:00 am | James Pankiewicz: Fundamental Skills of Okinawan Karate for all ages and levels: Uke, Muchimi, Kuzushi and Bane

A martial art celebrity because of his Asato Dojo, the Dojo Bar and, James has been "at the source" living and training in Okinawa for 30 years.


11:00 am | Felipe Tsoy: Peculiarities of Goju-Ryu Taniguchi-Ha (in German and English)

Born to a karate family, Felipe will share what makes the first karate he learned as a child special. For anybody practicing another style or lineage.


3:00 pm | Paola Garcia: Kata of the Champions (in Spanish)

European Junior Champion and Spanish Champion, Paola is one of the most promising talents of Spain, home of some of the best kata athletes in history.


5:00 pm | Pedro Candeias: 3 Errors in Speed & Power Training in Karate (in English) (!!This is a Theoretical class, not training)

Famous for his Karate Science Academy, Pedro takes a scientific approach to karate training and debunks myths in his channel.


7:00 pm | Morris Tellocke: Hips and Kata (in English and German)

Two-time German Champion at the age of 23, a rising star of European Karate.


9:00 pm | Ando Mierzwa: A Different Approach to Kime to Improve Self-Defense (in English)

A martial arts star, Sensei Ando has earned black belts in Kung Fu, Taekwondo and Karate before becoming famous for his incredibly insightful lessons on


11:00 pm | Edris Bagheri: Simple Ways To Improve Your Kumite Techniques (in English)

Former National Team member in Iran and successful WKF fighter for the Canadian province Manitoba, Edris is a sought-after kumite teacher.

Where will it take place?

Online on Zoom. This link can be used for any of the classes:


This is a privately initiated campaign and does not represent the official position of any association or organization whose members are involved with it.

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